Direct manufacturer of wholesale jewellery of gemstone silver and 92.5 sterling silver from londonderry they have their own manufacturer Jewelry of gemstone londonderry exporter in londonderry, .
londonderry Silver Jewellery

Engaged wholesaler of online Jewellery manufacturers of londonderry silver Jewellery from londonderry having their online silver Jewellery stores and Showroom using with precious and semi-precious gemstone in own unique designer silver jewelry items from londonderry silver jewelry showroom .
Wholesale Silver Jewellery londonderry

Boodle Dunthorne Jewellers
Carrington House 126-130 Regent Street London W1B 5SA
Tel: 020 74375050
Boodle Dunthorne is located in International Trade City, Yiwu, londenderry. Established in 2000, we are an integrated enterprise specialized in silver jewelry designing, manufacturing and marketing imitation jewelry and their wholesale and manufacturer ornaments. Our main products are wedding jewelry sets, silver pendants, silver bracelets, silver brooches, silver waist chains etc. With beautiful designs, fine quality, reasonable price, excellent services and good credibility. Our each silver jewelry products have gained the customers' trust and market recognition. 

LVMH Watch & Jewellery (UK) Ltd
58 Pembroke Road London W8 6NX
Tel: 020 73716166
We are telented manufacturer and exporter of silver jewellery studded precious and semiprecious gemstone silver jewellery and have hudge and larges fashion jewellery showroon in londenderry with different shade and styles of silver jewellery. We are also biggest suppliers and wholesale of fashion imitation sterling silver 92.5 stone and gem stones of all kinds with differnt design and style.We are at eton jewelry have fashion jewelry such as silver jewelry body piercing,imitation silver jewellery in londenderry.

Manguette Jewellers
40 Gordon Place London W8 4JF
Tel: 020 79372897
Direct manufacturer and exporter of 925 silver and semi-precious gemstone wholesale londenderry jewelry with most modern and unique design and latest collection of wholesale silver jewelry at wholesale price. Manufacturers, wholesaler and exporters of londenderry wholesale jewellery, with semi precious and precious gemstone wholesale silver jewelry with wholesale rings, wholesale earrings and wholesale pendants, wholesale necklace etc in londenderry form our fashion jewellery store with cheapest price.

Rumour Jewellers
Studio 006 242 Acklam Road London W10 5JJ
Tel: 020 75753031
Manufacturer and wholsaler silver jewellery with specializes in fashion imitation silver jewellery in londenderry. Including silver sterling necklace set, londenderry silver pendant, silver wholesale earrings, silver jewellery rings, londenderry Silver bracelet etc, mainly made by traditional manufacturing in londenderry. We are wholesale and retail brand of new and silver sterling 925 nice silver jewelry items and their silver jewlery set with beautiful and unique design with cheap and good cretivity from our fashion silver jewelry showroom londenderry.

The Silver Grove
69 The Gro London W5 5LL
Tel: 020-8567-1615
We are a more than 150-year old establishment wholesale, manufacturer and suppliers of all kinds of gemstones silver jewellery with precious and semi-precious gemstone silver jewellery in all possible sizes, shapes and cuts silver jewellery in londenderry. We lay great emphasis on exceptional quality, precision cutting and customer satisfaction of the highest order with imidiate view in all over londenderry.

Faller The Jeweller
12 Strand Road Londonderry, BT48 7AB
Phone: 028 71362710
Faller Jewellery Company are known for their handcrafted and handmade gemstone silver jewellery with traditional enameled gemstone in londenderry. Wholesale and manufacturing store fo silver sterling jewellery of exquisite designs of silver jewellery by excellent craftment londenderry.Shanghi pealing has always been popular in londenderry for own silver pearl wholesale jewelry, and it was whilst living there a few years ago that I perfected this timeless craft. All our silver jewellery pieces are handmade, and traditional dependans on londenderry culture allowing us to offer a truly craft centred product, which comes with a year's guarantee of re-stringing.

Silverworks Jewellers
Thomas Neal Centre/Unit 20 Earlham St,
Soho, London, WC2H 9LD
Telephone: 020 7379 7534
Our excellence is a goal of wholesale silver sterling jewelry with precious and semiprecious silver jewellery in londenderry with silverworks Jewelry traditional market and export house. We have hudge silver jewellery showroom of an exquisite blend of modern and traditional jewellery suing the finest gemstone, handmade earring, silver bracelets, wholesale silver necklace, and traditional silver ring in silver in londenderry. We work to trap the latest fashion so we can present an exclusive jewellery collection before our precious clients.

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