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About Us

Carving Our Success On Indian Gemstone Beads !!

We take you to a world of beauty and brilliance, and a horizon of purity and elegance…..where quality comes natural....... elegance is an attitude...... charisma is inherent........ and excellence its hallmark. We, at Diva Bead Outlet, unfurl a radiating and ravishing array of gemstone beads to bedazzle your imagination and to provide food for your fancy.

We introduce ourselves as an wholesalers , suppliers and exporters of wholesale gemstone beads from India. Based at Jaipur India , we have explored the world of stones and minerals in the form of an impeccable and embellished range of wholesale gemstone beads .

At Diva Bead Outlet, the language of stone has overpowered the language of man. To materialize an innovative idea of service in the wholesale gem stone bead market, we have been relentlessly catering to the optimum satisfaction of our clients by providing quality range of wholesale gemstone beads . We are appreciated as a growing wholesalers , suppliers and exporter who has struck to the international level of quality products and services.

Our Mission…… A tribute to excellent workmanship

India is a land of exquisite and unparalleled craftsmanship. The sheen and beauty of the craftsman's work is still obscurely dispersed in the world. But, we, with a mission to spread this resplendence, have taken up the cudgels to make it popular and acceptable all across the world.

Providing Wonders With The Stones!!
Gemstone Beads , since ages, are the symbol of beauty & brilliance. Jewelry world gets its elegance and attraction from its association with semi precious beads. We treasure these gifts of nature to make these available round the globe. Innovative workmanship oozes out from our unique collection. Hundreds of fabulous designs, tempting craftsmanship and above all, quality speak depths about our products. From cut stones beads to faceted ones…… from cabochons to carved gemstone beads, we present a treasure trove of wholesale gemstone beads in varied shapes & sizes.

Quality Assurance
Quality is a virtue that comes naturally to us. Quality products and quality services are innate to our organization. We are one of the leading players in the market. Our reputation is aptly based on the quality of the services we offer. Our dedication for quality is evident from the fact that our quality control efforts leave no stone unturned in this regard. Our quality control effort rests on proper inspection, storage, packing and transportation facilities. We go through each and every piece of gemstone beads before giving the final approval for shipping.

The Privilege to Serve
We feel privileged to serve our clients. Our integrity and transparency in dealings with our clients have helped us acquire the trust, support and assurance that give us immense pleasure to move ahead. With an immensely satisfied clientele who stand testimony to our unmatched services, we are committed to serve our clients for years to come, to the best of their satisfaction! Based on a philosophy of moral values and professionally managed organization, we endeavor to shine like a star in the global market.

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