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Evaluate loose gemstones bead using the four "Cs": carat weight, color, clarity and cut. One carat equals one-fifth of a gram, the unit of measure by which wholesale loose gemstones beads are sold. Generally, the heavier the gem, the higher the price. From the consumer's standpoint, much of that weight should be showing on the face of the stone, or the table. This is where the cut of the gem comes into play. If the gem is cut too deep, most of the carat weight is hidden from the eye and the color may be too dark. A gem cut too shallow, on the other hand, will lack brilliance and have a flat, washed-out look. An ideally cut of loose stone bead reflects light evenly from all parts of the table.

Trust your own eyes when judging the color of a gem. When shopping for rubies, for instance, ask to see a range of colors and qualities available. You will be surprised at the variation in loose beads wholesale ruby shades, with the reds often showing hints of pink, orange or purple. It is mostly a matter of personal taste as to which shade is the best. No matter what the shade, the brighter, richer and more vivid the color, the more valuable the stone. Look at the loose gems in different lights. Some loose gems stone bead look magnificent under florescent lights but appear lifeless in daylight, or vice versa

Clarity is another important consideration. Only glass or gems of phenomenal value have no inclusions visible to the eye. Flaws can add interest, but look for those jewels with flaws that are least obvious when the gem is viewed face up. Emeralds have more inclusions and small fractures than most other gems. While you cannot avoid internal inclusions in emeralds, avoid those with cracks that reach the surface, as they could affect the durability of the quality loose gemstone beads.

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