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From "Siberian" to "Uruguayan"……from "Bahain" to "Rose de France", this trigonal wholesale Unakite beads has been the mystery of the connoisseurs' imagination and the fancy of the wholesale beads lovers. The purple color of this gemstone bead is considered as the color of royalty and has been a prized possession in royal collections from ancient Egypt to the British crown jewels. Apart from being used in jewelry making due to its vitreous luster, wholesale Unakite bead is said to prevent the bearer from becoming drunk. We Supply online Unakite beads to wholesalers buyers.

Unakite Facted Beads :-
Shape :-
Size :-
Weight :-
Length :-
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Unakite Facted Beads :-
Shape :-
Size :-
Weight :-
Length :-
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